Lussomediterraneo Jewels gioielli in ceramica mande in puglia

LussoMediterraneo Jewels

Form combined with precious metals

Lussomediterraneo Jewels gioielli in ceramica mande in puglia

New Collection

Tradition and experimentation

Lussomediterraneo Jewels gioielli in ceramica mande in puglia

Luxury collection

Wearable sculpture

Just as jewels do, your gaze shines like the sun.
Just as jewels are, your memories are as deep as the sea.
And just as jewels are able to do, your desires nourish both land and life itself.

The extraordinary glimmering forms found in nature are transformed into a unique and original collection of jewellery created by Maria Elena Savini.

Precious metals and ceramics joined together in an eternal embrace of elegance, colour, and Mediterranean passion.


Lusso Mediterraneo Jewels

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings: Maria Elena Savini´s creations conquer the senses with their originality and elegance.
Unique jewellery that has been created using the ancient art of decorated ceramics and then transformed into fashion: little works of wearable art.
Each collection is distinguished from the others by its own identity: gleaming little creatures, shiny spheres, and polychromatic crescent moons are among the precious sculptures, which are the basis for the elegance of these pieces, along with the essence of Mediterranean origins.
Delightful pearls, bubbles, and shells decorate the skin with the simplicity of nature and the fascination of gold that accentuate the bodily curves of whoever wears them.
Browse through the collections and wear the Mediterranean.